·    To compose and create a rap (with beat if possible) about bullying
How did you go about achieving this? quite good because I had heaps of rhyming words.

What resources were used to help you? laptop paper and a pen

Did you go through the process on your own or collaborate with other people? I collaborated with other people

How did you find the process? It was fun because I was able to make my own rap.

What did you enjoy most about the process of creating a rap? I enjoyed creating a beat for the rap using html5 drum kit.

What  might be your next step? My next step would be to write a longer rap.
Bullying rap

I wake up in the morning don't want to go to school When I look at the bullies they think they're cool

When I look at the bullies I always have to plea
Why can't you let me be free

I walked up to the bullies and I asked them why
When all they do is answer they make me cry

When I look at the bullies they make me sad
I walk away cause I'm feeling mad

Why is it that I have to feel fear
Why do they want to give me a scare

Every time they call me names I know it's wrong
When all I want to do is to stand and feel strong

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