From the Journal of Jack Simpson

Shrapnel Valley, Gallipoli

4 May 1915

Today was the most challenging day of my life.  My best

friend got shot in the arm and there were bullets

whizzing around my head.  I quickly put the bandage

around his arm and got him down to the beach on a

stretcher and gave him to the medics.

I just wish this war would end and we could all go home.

By Felix


  1. I liked how you put it in order.

  2. i like the way you put the bit when you said i wish the war would end so we all could go home.

  3. that was a really cool piece of writing you have got From cayden

  4. I like your writing because it has good describing words

  5. i liked thee way you said it was the most challenging day of my life on the first sentence you wrote down.